How to Choose the Best Kite School in Sardinia

In this post we will try to explain you what you should check to choose the best kite school to learn to kitesurf. The information we will give you is generally valid for choosing a kitesurfing school in any part of the world. In any case, specifically, we will focus on Sardinia, the fantastic island in the center of the Mediterranean that offers many and among the best spots in the world for kitesurfing.

Choose a kite school with certified and good kite instructors

Kitesurfing has become one of the most popular sailing sports in the world! The main reason of this popularity is he speed of learning!

For a good and fast learning, the one of the most important checks ia too verify that the kite school have certified / qualified instructors to teach kitesurfing. It doesn’t matter if FIV (Italian Sail Federation) or VDWS (Germain Water Sport association) or IKO (International Kiteboarding Organization),  the important thing is to have attended a training course to teach kitesurfing. Avoid not qualified instrucotrs and friends that after having learned kitesurfing tell you: “No problem, I’ll teach you!!”. First, in Italy, only qualified kite instructors can teach kitesurfing. Then, your friend could not have the ability for teaching kitesurf and, most of the times, he will start to teach you only when the wind has dropped or when he is tired.

Choose a Kite School with new kite equipment

Safety first of all! Kitesurfing is a simple sport and does not require exceptional skills to be learned. You will improve your kite level quickly. But pay attention to safety!! A good Kiteschool should provide you equipments for your safety such as helmet, wetsuits, new kites with all working safety system, radio helmet, etc. Avoid kite school that do not have all kite equipment and that do not have new equipment to guarantee your safety.

Learn to kitesurf in a proper Kite Spot

Kite Course in Punta Trettu Sardinia
Kite Lessons in Punta Trettu, Sardinia

We suggest you to choose a kiteschool that teach in proper kite spot suitable to your level. Proper kite spot for a beginner means: Shallow and Flat water, and steady wind. First of all, learn with waves is really hard and everyone can understand that it is better to learn in kite spots with shallow water. In the shallow water, first of all, the student has “emotional” security because he can always stand up and the instructor is almost always closed to him. Second, learning to control the kite as well as putting the board on the feets, it is easier and requires less energy in the shallow water than in the deep water. Finally, in the shallow water, the student has the opportunity to relax just standing up without the need to swim.

In Sardinia, the best kite spot is for sure Punta Trettu. Here in Punta Trettu, you can find flat and shallow water, steady wind and good kite schools as the Punta Tretti Kite Center of KiteGeneration, as well as good accommodations directly on the spot.

Which is the simple way to choose a good kite school?

For sure, if you do not know a kite school, it is not easy to quickly verify the quality of a kite school, especially if you are going in a new country.

In the end, the best ways, and also the fastest ones, to choose a kitesurf school are two:

  1. word of mouth / recommandation from a friend who has already taken a kite course
  2. check the reviews of the school on the internet: obviously, many positive reviews, are certainly synonymous with good quality of the school. Here below some exemple of kite schools with great reviews.






Wakeboarding School

We offer to our client a wakeboard basic course.

We use a power boat and board with binders.

The course has 30 minutes theorie and 30 minutes practice.

It is also a good option if there is no wind, and you can pratice with kite board with foot straps who will help you for the next kite day.

You also have the possibility to only practice wakeboard without taking the course.

kiteschool Kitesurfing

Kite course: best lessons with us only :)

You can ride, jump, make nice trics on light winds using small kites.
Riding all-terrain skate brings you amazing feeling of kite-safary 🙂

We launched new courses which are adapted for persons who can kite already.

But if you are completely new to the sport – do not worry!

We will bring you to it with fun and safety.

Why kitesurf is a success all over the world?

  • Easy: 3 to 6 hours
  • Compact: the equipment fits in a small backpack
  • Safe: small sizes of kites and lines
  • Economic: the kites which are used are the foiler type, the price is much lower than the water (inflatable) ones

For those who already has kitesurf skills

If you already control the kite we offer 1 day course with the kite.

For those who already has kite skills:

If you already control the skate we offer 1 day course with the kite.

For those who does not practice neither kitesurf:

If you are new to the sports we offer 2 day course.
One days for controlling the kite and second day for controlling the kite with the board.
Course is for 6 hours and includes all equipment.

kiteschool Kitesurfing

Safety in Kitesurfing

Safety is the most important thing in our school.

The school offers the safety kit for everyone who goes with us. This safety kit contains helmet, life jacket and harness.
We support our students and clients with at least one rescue boat equiped with first aids kit.

Each student has to respect the safety rules provided by the instructors.

There are some of safety tips we hold on in our school:

  • Make sure you have the current weather report, so as not to find youself in difficulty if the wind changes
  • Choose an appropriate spot: approved by the local authorities, without obstacles (electricity lines, trees, rocks, buildings, people on the beach, etc.)
  • Check your equipment before each take-off (preflight check)
  • Connect yourself to the bar by the leash before take-off and remain so untill landing
  • Wear a helmet, life jacket, harness, wet suit and correct shoes
  • Make sure you do not stay on land after your kite has taken-off
  • Put the leash on the board just before entering the water
  • Never hold two lines at the same time
  • Preferably, use an assistant or safety systems for landing
  • Never pass between a kite and its kiteboarder
kiteschool Kitesurfing

Kite Courses

Discovering the kite

Discovering the kite is a one day couse. It takes about 3-4 hours.
We spend one hour and a half learning theory of setting up the equipment, managing the kite in the neutral and the power zone, wind theory and all the safety.

In fact it is the first day of our regular Basic course. So, if you enjoy the day you could take Basic course starting from second day later.

The objective of the course is to make the student dominate the kite in all situations, landing and relaunching hucked and unhucked from the harness.

Basic kite course

Basic course is for two days. It takes aproximately 8 hours. We use two lines and monodirectional boards with the safer equipment for the begginers.
On the first day we spend one hour and a half learning theory of setting up the equipment, managing the kite in the neutral and the power zone, wind theory and all the safety. Then we spent two hours and a half doing kite piloting and bodydragging.

The objective of the fisrt day is to make the student dominate the kite in all situations, landing and relaunching hucked and unhucked from the harness.

On the second day we start with one directional bodydraggings doing it up to one one hour. Then we spent 30 minutes learning the waterstart theory. This will teach you how to manage your body and kite in the water before you will stand up on it. Then we put it to practice doing the waterstarts with directional boards.

The objective of the second day is to stand up on the board and dominating the kite.

Intermediate kite course

Intermediate course is the prolongation of the bacic course. So first we have to train to get power to the kite. Then we offer you to switch for four lines kite models – they are easier and safer for intermediate riders.

If you prefer to stay with directional board we will teach how to make jibes – change direction without getting to the water. We also offer you to practice with bi-directional which are easier for changing direction.

We will teach you how to recover the lost board without leash doing bodydragging special way.

The next and the most important step is practicing to go up-wind.

The objectve of the intermediate course is to be able go up-wind and change direction than turns you into independent kitesurfer and prepares you to take the advanced course.

Advanced kite course

Advanced course is only for independent riders who manage power kite up-wind easily.

We will teach you to use wakeboard with binders or footstraps.

You are going to learn different tricks like riding switched stands, fun ways to change direction, several kinds of jumping.

The objectve of the advanced course is to bring you all advantages and fun of kitesurfing.

kiteschool Kitesurfing

Kite Rental

We only rent equipment for people who made basic course and have all safety knowledge.

We offer all our equipment for 4 hours per day. In addition we will bring you to the kite spot on our boat and you will have one person from our team who will help you to setup, launch and land the equipment. This person will keep attention on your safety and will rescue you with a boat if nessesary.

We also offer you renting equipment for 1 or 2 hours only.
And, of course, you can switch the equipment during the rented period without paying extra money.

Actually, you can rent only the kite or only the board or any other equipment.

We have special offers for people who will rent for a long time.