Kite Lessons with Radio

The student with RAL (Radio Assisted Lessons ) system, is in permanent connection with his instructor!

No long moments without feed-backs and without instructions to wade without knowing what to do!

Your instructor gives you the information in real time even during your sailing!

Before the RAL link, kitesurf learning was the prehistory of teaching.
The improvement of 1 hour lesson with RAL is more than the double without using it.

The instructor hampered by the noise of the boat engine or by the distance could pass on you information only during the first 5 or 10 seconds of your presence next to him.

Maybe your helmet would bother you also and kept you from hearing his instructions.

From now on, you can receive instructions in any scenario, that you are close or taken away from the instructor, in bodydraging or during your sailing, even during the jumps…