Kitesurfing school overview

From the begining the main idea was to offer our clients the best possiblities to learn the kitesurfing.

Since that time more than thousand students took at least basic kite course.

We offer three kind of classes: basic, intermediate and advanced
The objective of the Basic course is to teach a student to stand up on the board and dominate the kite in all situations.
The objective of the Intermediate course is to make a student able to go up-wind and change direction than turns him into real independent kitesurfer.
The objective of the Advanced course is to bring a student all advantages and fun of kitesurfing – riding on different kinds of boards, doing tricks and jumps.

We work with inflatable kites
We have 32 kites from 2 to 20 m2 (flat area) 4 or 5 lines, C-type, Hybrids, Bow with moderate and high aspect ratio, 12 boards (mono, twintype and wake), different bars, lines and harnesses, safety kits and all stuff you will need for safe kitesurfing.

We offer all our equipement fo rent (only for persons certified IKO or CTIK)
In addition we will bring you to the kite spot on our boat and you will have one person from our team who will help you to setup, launch and land the equipment. This person will keep attention on your safety and will rescue you with a boat if necessary.