Punta Trettu, The Best Kite Spot in Sardinia and Europe, and one of the best in the World

Are you looking for the perfect best kite spot? In this post we will talk about Punta Trettu, the best kite spot in Sardinia and Europe, and probably one of the best Kite Spot in the World. Let see the reasons why Punta Trettu is considered a Kitesurf Paradise.

Perfect Conditions for Kitesurfing in Punta Trettu: Flat and Shallow water and High percentage of winds

The kite beach of Punta Trettu is located in south-west Sardinia, opposite the island of Sant’Antioco, in the municipality of San Giovanni Suergiu. It is certainly the most popular kite spot of Sardinia, and one of of the most popular in Europe and all over the World. In fact, its flat and shallow water, its sandy bottom and its incredible percentage of windy days make Punta Trettu a fantastic Kite Spot.

The wind statistics in Punta Trettu are really high also thanks to the fact that the thermal winds could increadethe intensity of the wind up to 10 knots on sunny days. So even when the meteo forecast seems not favorable and shows 5-6 knots fron North West, in Punta Trettu it could most likely be possible to kitesurf.

Anyway, all the south west of Sardinia and Punta Trettu have perfect conditions for kitesurfing thanks to the mild temperatures all year round, and to the  high percentage of windy days, much more than other well known kite spots as Porto Pollo, in the north of Sardinia.

Weather and Windforecast in Punta Trettu

To check the weather forecast in Punta Trettu you can refer to this post and have a look a the the here below listed weather and wind forecasts websites.

Anyway, you should keep in mind that often, thanks to the local effects and thermal winds, not predicted by the weather forecasts, the wind can be even between 5 and 10 knots stronger than what is expected by Windguru and Windfinder. Local effects are due by many factors and just local people know how the meteo is working. So, our suggestion is to get a service from Kite Schools in Punta Trettu as the Punta Trettu Kite Center in order you can well enjoy kitesurfing.

Keeping in mind what it has been claiified before, to check the weather forecast in Punta Trettu, you can have a look at the most used Weather forecast services:

Where to Kitesurf in Punta Trettu: the Kite Zones

In Punta Trettu, there are Two (2) Kite Zones where kitesurfing is allowed, as showed by the map here below.

Kite Zones in the Kite Spot of Punta Trettu
Punta Trettu Kite Zones

Although the kite spot of Punta Trettu is a place just for kitesurfing and there are almost no swimmers because of the shallow water and blowing winds, in Punta Trettu Kitesurfing is allowed only in some areas. For more info refer to this post about Punta Trettu.

Kite School in Punta Trettu

If you are an independent rider, please respect the kite zones and the most common safety rules (safety first!), in order to avoid any kind of issue, also with the local police and guard coast.

if you are new on this fantastic sport and you like to learn to kitesurf in Punta Trettu, please contact one of the official kite school in the area, as the Punta Trettu Kite Center, in order to learn to kitesurf in the proper way, as fast as possible and in total safety (safety first!).