How to Choose the Best Kite School in Sardinia

In this post we will try to explain you what you should check to choose the best kite school to learn to kitesurf. The information we will give you is generally valid for choosing a kitesurfing school in any part of the world. In any case, specifically, we will focus on Sardinia, the fantastic island in the center of the Mediterranean that offers many and among the best spots in the world for kitesurfing.

Choose a kite school with certified and good kite instructors

Kitesurfing has become one of the most popular sailing sports in the world! The main reason of this popularity is he speed of learning!

For a good and fast learning, the one of the most important checks ia too verify that the kite school have certified / qualified instructors to teach kitesurfing. It doesn’t matter if FIV (Italian Sail Federation) or VDWS (Germain Water Sport association) or IKO (International Kiteboarding Organization),  the important thing is to have attended a training course to teach kitesurfing. Avoid not qualified instrucotrs and friends that after having learned kitesurfing tell you: “No problem, I’ll teach you!!”. First, in Italy, only qualified kite instructors can teach kitesurfing. Then, your friend could not have the ability for teaching kitesurf and, most of the times, he will start to teach you only when the wind has dropped or when he is tired.

Choose a Kite School with new kite equipment

Safety first of all! Kitesurfing is a simple sport and does not require exceptional skills to be learned. You will improve your kite level quickly. But pay attention to safety!! A good Kiteschool should provide you equipments for your safety such as helmet, wetsuits, new kites with all working safety system, radio helmet, etc. Avoid kite school that do not have all kite equipment and that do not have new equipment to guarantee your safety.

Learn to kitesurf in a proper Kite Spot

Kite Course in Punta Trettu Sardinia
Kite Lessons in Punta Trettu, Sardinia

We suggest you to choose a kiteschool that teach in proper kite spot suitable to your level. Proper kite spot for a beginner means: Shallow and Flat water, and steady wind. First of all, learn with waves is really hard and everyone can understand that it is better to learn in kite spots with shallow water. In the shallow water, first of all, the student has “emotional” security because he can always stand up and the instructor is almost always closed to him. Second, learning to control the kite as well as putting the board on the feets, it is easier and requires less energy in the shallow water than in the deep water. Finally, in the shallow water, the student has the opportunity to relax just standing up without the need to swim.

In Sardinia, the best kite spot is for sure Punta Trettu. Here in Punta Trettu, you can find flat and shallow water, steady wind and good kite schools as the Punta Tretti Kite Center of KiteGeneration, as well as good accommodations directly on the spot.

Which is the simple way to choose a good kite school?

For sure, if you do not know a kite school, it is not easy to quickly verify the quality of a kite school, especially if you are going in a new country.

In the end, the best ways, and also the fastest ones, to choose a kitesurf school are two:

  1. word of mouth / recommandation from a friend who has already taken a kite course
  2. check the reviews of the school on the internet: obviously, many positive reviews, are certainly synonymous with good quality of the school. Here below some exemple of kite schools with great reviews.