kiteschool Kitesurfing

Safety in Kitesurfing

Safety is the most important thing in our school.

The school offers the safety kit for everyone who goes with us. This safety kit contains helmet, life jacket and harness.
We support our students and clients with at least one rescue boat equiped with first aids kit.

Each student has to respect the safety rules provided by the instructors.

There are some of safety tips we hold on in our school:

  • Make sure you have the current weather report, so as not to find youself in difficulty if the wind changes
  • Choose an appropriate spot: approved by the local authorities, without obstacles (electricity lines, trees, rocks, buildings, people on the beach, etc.)
  • Check your equipment before each take-off (preflight check)
  • Connect yourself to the bar by the leash before take-off and remain so untill landing
  • Wear a helmet, life jacket, harness, wet suit and correct shoes
  • Make sure you do not stay on land after your kite has taken-off
  • Put the leash on the board just before entering the water
  • Never hold two lines at the same time
  • Preferably, use an assistant or safety systems for landing
  • Never pass between a kite and its kiteboarder